Cheryl Barber-Jones | Sozo Winemaker cheryl

Cheryl first started making wine in 1976 working in Ste. Michelle’s lab. As a WSU graduate in Food Sciences, she had actually moved to Seattle to get a job in the dairy business. Thank goodness they weren’t hiring and Chateau Ste. Michelle was. Eight years of hard work landed Cheryl the head winemaker position. By 1988 Ste. Michelle was named the Best American Winery by Wine Country magazine. The following year at Vin Expo in Bordeaux France, Cheryl’s ’87 Cabernet Sauvignon was awarded the only gold medal for American red wine. Cheryl ranks as “One of the best winemakers in the state of Washington”.

For the last nineteen years Cheryl has been consulting all over the state, giving her the freedom to be a mom and a wife as well as a winemaker. Cheryl’s Philosophy: “The art of wine making is like a great chef fine tuning his dish with a pinch of this and a dash of that to get the ultimate result. To bring out the best of any wine, I believe that blending is the key. Sometimes it only takes one per cent to change a blend from good to great. As winemaker for Sozo I have the opportunity to do just that while at the same time I get to be part of a cause that brings such joy to me. Being a part of the Sozo circle of friends, your purchase helps feed the hungry whenever you buy the wine I craft.”



Phillip Meech | Sozo Roast Masterphillip-meech

Caffe Lusso Coffee Roasters was established in 1999 by roast master Philip Meech (The Bean Whisperer), who acquired his passion for coffee after many years in the coffee industry in the Seattle area first as a barista and then as an aspiring coffee roaster. Like many before him, he was amazed at how easy it was to find a bad cup of coffee in Seattle, the ”coffee capital” of the Northwest. Phillip was resolved to do something about it and Caffe Lusso was born.

Philip Meech is now a 20 plus year roast master, he never compromises for anything short of perfection, and considers coffee roasting a true art. He rejects the idea that coffee roasting can be fine-tuned and reduced to calculations of temperature and time run by computers. His roasting style is constantly changing and adapting to the varieties of coffee he roasts. Although he has been roasting for over 20 years (more than most) he still thinks that he has barely scraped the surface of the art of coffee roasting.


Ellane & Mara of Armorie | Sozo Chocolatier’ssozo-artisans3f

A classically trained French chocolatier with over 25 year’s experience, Ellane and her daughter Mara hand makes Sozo chocolates using Agostoni Italian chocolate produced in the Lake Como region of Italy since 1946.

Each month we ask Ellane to craft something extra special for our Sozo Friends, sometimes she is into hand crafted truffles, dark chocolate salted bark with a hint of raspberry or many otherchocolate creations sure to delight our CHOCOLATE LOVERS. We have never been disappointed, Ellane and Mara are true artists.




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