About Us


Created by dreamers seeking to make a difference

Martin Barrett and Monte Regier
Co-Founders of Sozo

After spending a year volunteering in West Africa aboard the Mercy Ship Anastasis, Sozo co-founder Monte Regier returned home inspired to bring his new found experience and knowledge to local communities in need. Co-founder Martin Barrett’s story stays closer to home – as a longtime winery owner and leader of multiple nonprofit groups, Sozo Friends is a perfect pairing. The two devised  the plan and reached out to wine and nonprofit industry contacts to create the groundwork that has become Sozo.

“It is our goal to create gifts and processes that offer quality and value to our customers. We grow the social brand awareness of the companies we serve by helping them include their customers in the giving experience,” says Martin Barrett.

The two continue to lead the growth of Sozo into a nationally recognized brand while staying focused on their values of generosity, compassion and excellence.

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