More than a great wine...

Giving Sozo is more than giving a gift, it is a “Thank You,” that continues giving!

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Trust Earned...

“Innovative, Fresh & Effective!” Read testimonials from leading brands.

The Best...

Award-winning products crafted by world-class artisans that delight and inspire
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Global Impact...

With our generous partners, we are together changing the world.
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More Than a Luxurious Gift, Sozo is a Shared Generosity Experience


We help our partner companies build employee and customers loyalty while changing the world.


Our goal is to ignite your employees and customers to launch your company mission to the next level.

Customer Loyalty

You know what your customers came to buy, but what is it that they really want? Sozo helps companies engage customers.

Partner Success

A Sozo partner company grows it’s corporate values by building a generous community.

We Want to Hear From You!

Contact us through our contact page and share your “Thank You” story or experience with us or simply hashtag your Instagram photo or Twitter tweet of a giftbox received along with #sozosaysthankyou or our Twitter or Instagram “handle” @SozoFriends and we will make it go viral.

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